If you are asked for an interview don’t just turn up on the day and wing it, you need to prepare to ensure you maximise your chances of gaining the role.

Research the organisation – look online or if you know someone who has worked there in the past ask their opinion.

Research the role, if possible find out the size of the grounds team, where this role will fit. The standards required, sports played at that organisation and the experience needed. Hopefully you will have been provided with a job description and person specification.

If provided with a job description and person specification go through in detail highlighting where your experience / qualifications are relevant.

Prepare some questions in advance, many may be covered in the interview but you are usually asked at the end if you have any questions. You could ask about training and qualifications, or their policies on internal progression for example.

Check you know geographically where the interview is taking place, where you need to report to and whom to ask for. If necessary do a dummy run to make sure you can get there in time. If using public transport make sure you check the connections. There is nothing worse than being late for an interview.

Think about the questions you could be asked such as why you have applied for the role, why you feel you are the right candidate for them, why you are leaving your present employer. There may be technical questions testing your knowledge for example on pests and disease or health and safety legislation.