GMA upgraded Professional Development Qualification in Turf Surface Management now available

Fulfilling needs within the Pitch Grading Framework initiative, the GMA has completed the updated version of an GMA Professional Development Qualification in Turf Surface Management.

This updated diploma has been split into a two-year course: year one is the Level 4 Professional Certificate in Turf Surface Management; and year two is the Level 5 Professional Diploma in Turf Surface Management.

The importance of maintaining high standards, meeting current needs of turf management, as well as ensuring continuity with the history of the GMA has been fundamental and challenging in creating these new professional development qualifications.

To further reinforce this approach, all entrants to the Level 5 diploma must have achieved the GMA Level 4 certificate as a pre-requisite.


Practitioners within the turf care industry can now not only benchmark themselves against the premium GMA professional turf management qualification, as in the past, but also demonstrate to others their knowledge and understanding of this diverse and changing field.

All learning is online, with the Level 5 requiring 180-hours of study and a high level of critical reflection of course material, being supported by expert tutors.

The final module of Turf Futures: Developments and Innovations builds on other modules within the course, as well as the Level 4 course, and encourages exploration of contemporary issues and visions. This module is categorised into five broad themes:

  • Economic
  • Environmental
  • Regulatory
  • Social
  • Technological

The aim of these themes is to act as a catalyst for learners to investigate further after having achieved the qualification, and so contribute to and build-up the industry knowledge base.

The GMA now has a full progressive suite of professional development qualifications from Levels 2 (craft operative level) up to Level 6 (consultant/ senior manager level) and this supports the Pitch

Grading Framework, of which Geoff Webb, CEO of the GMA, says “will bring much-needed clarity to what constitutes good management and standard of provision”.

Further details about the above qualification and others offered by the GMA are available at