Callout for Visual Content

Guided by feedback from our members, the GMA has been busy over the last 18 months working to ensure that all its products and services remain as relevant as possible to our members. This has involved:

  • Working with Sport England and other NGB partners to develop the GMA Toolkit, a free online resource to support volunteers across a range of sports
  •  The development of an ever-expanding range of online training courses which has surpassed 2,000 enrolments since they were released at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic
  • The launch of the GMA Live webinar series which has offered valuable industry insight to a wide audience since its launch

The next stage of our digital transformation is the biggest; a brand new GMA website that will simplify access to our products and services, so you can get more out of your membership.
We want our new website to look and feel as good as possible which is why we are on the look out for strong visual content that will show-off the world of grounds management to all web visitors. This is why we’re asking our community of members to share any photos with us that they would be happy for us to use on our new website.
They can be photos of you at work, the results of your work, or anything from your time in grounds management. As we want to use them for our website if suitable, the only thing we ask is that, with any photos you provide, the name of who the photo belongs to, and any other relevant information, is shared so that we can correctly credit the owner if the image is used.
If you have any photos that you are happy to share with us that you think would be suitable for our new website, please send them to
Any questions you have regarding the request for photos can also be directed to the email address above.