6 reasons to make a nomination for the GMA Industry Awards

Most people want to win an award. Just the fact of being nominated by your boss, your peers or your team can bring a huge number of benefits to those involved. And in these challenging times, any little act of kindness can go a long, long way. Here are 6 reasons to make a nomination for the GMA Industry Awards...

1. Because they’re worth it
Make a difference! A grounds team or contact in your network would love nothing more than for you to appreciate what they’re doing.

2. It can be motivating 
Gaining recognition for a job well done ranks as one of the highest factors behind job satisfaction, often leading to an increase in output. 

3. There's a bunch of categories
From volunteers to directors and young turfies to lifetime achievers, make sure the grounds people who inspire you are part of the mix. 

4. Grounds excellence matters
The current heatwave is having a dramatic impact on our outdoor space. Show you care for the skills involved to deliver great surfaces. 

5. It's so easy to nominate
Complete the online form in 3 simple steps. Nominate yourself, a team or person, before the deadline – 10am, Monday 30 July.

6. There are no hidden costs
The nomination process is completely FREE: it won’t cost you a penny. Saying thanks will only cost you 5 minutes of your time!

If you feel inspired to enter an individual or team for an award: Visit www.thegma.org.uk/awards for details on all of the categories, and make your nomination today! 

NEW DEADLINE: 10am, Monday 30 July