Guidance for Employers and Employees

Human Resource procedures and employment law are very specialist areas, as is managing your organisation through periods of change and uncertainty. To help our members we have referenced experts advisors and provided links to relevant information. Our aim is to give you access to quality and reliable information so that you can make informed decisions and take appropriate actions to guide your organisation and colleagues through this challenging time.    


The chartered Institute of Professional Development are the professional body for experts in people at work. For more than 100 years, we've been championing better work and working lives by setting professional standards for HR and people development, as well as driving positive change in the world of work.

The spread of COVID-19, is an exceptional circumstance with ongoing ramifications for organisations, individuals and society on every level. As the situation continues to develop and change, the CIPD will provide updated advice, resources and guidance to support employers and people professionals in their response. 

If you wish to take a look at the whole CIPD website relating to Covid-19 click here

If you are short of time or know what you are looking for then here are some direct links to content on the CIPD website:

  • Covid-19: Question and Answers - Employee policies and practice (including furloughing staff) click here
  • Covid-19: Getting the most from remote working - Top tips to help your team acheive effective home working click here
  • Covid-19: Preparing your staff for home working - Adapt our questionnaire to use to help prepare staff to work from home click here
  • Covid-19: Employer response guide - This guide will help you plan your organisation’s response to the global health emergency click here
  • Covid-19: Support Material - Emergency protocol/business continuity plan - Use this policy document to set out your organisation's emergency plans click here
  • Covid-19: Advice to UK employers - This regularly updated factsheet provides an overview of the current coronavirus situation click here


  • These guidelines are for employees relating to work and in what circumstances you can leave the home. It also includes information on subjects like furloughed workers, sick pay, claiming benefits. Click here
  • The Government have issued guidelines for employers relating to work and in what circumstances you can leave the home. It also includes information on furloughed workers, sick pay, claiming benefits. Click here
  • Here is a link to government guidelines about work and social distancing. Click here